Developer: VOiD Games

Release Date: Q1 2022

Platforms: Steam

Website: voidgamesstudio

Regular Price: $9.99


"Pursuit of Redemption" is a story-driven platformer puzzle adventure, that will take you into the life of a drawing boy called S who is searching to find and save his painter, and uncover the mysteries behind his creator’s vanishing. This is a unique experience for gamers who want to immerse themselves in a deep and touching story, and are looking for innovative puzzles and challenging platformers.

The journey of S, is a tale of a search for creator, unlike ever experienced before. With diverse level design and the narration of an emotional story through various cutscenes, collectibles, and memories, this adventure will put you in the shoes of a painting, in pursuit of redemption.

Pursuit of Redemption is about finding your creator, finding yourself, and above all, saving your maker!


VOiD has been through many ups and downs since we decided to start making video games back in 2015. We were 3 computer engineering students who were into video games and wanted to pay our tribute to this art form by being a part of this world ourselves. In 2016, after spending a whole year deciding what to make, we finally agreed that our strongest suits are storytelling and puzzle design, and that was how Pursuit of Redemption began. After another year of work, when we finished and tested the prototype of our idea, we moved forward and added 3 new members to our team who were all our childhood friends. An artist, an animator, and a music composer. Unfortunately, while we were on the brink of releasing our game in 2018 the worst happened to us, and we lost our sound and our soul, Sahand. Our music composer, sound designer, voice actor, and most importantly, our childhood friend passed away. He was gone and we were broken. However, we promised ourselves to finish this game, for Sahand. As a tribute to Sahand, we named our main character, S.

We are determined to finish our pursuit and redeem ourselves, and after a long journey full of happy moments and heartbreaking events, show our baby, "Pursuit of Redemption", which we nurtured for all these years, to gamers all around the world. We know that the emotional journey of S, will immerse the players and will represent the journey we had in bringing this game to you.





Death Awaits-min.jpg


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S - in the room-min.jpg

concept art - My story is yet far from being over-min.jpg